Monday, January 18, 2016

Bill Kristan on Neuroethology vs. Systems Neurophysiology

This is something that has been a big topic of debate here at the NBB Dept. at Cornell (Ithaca) given the strong neuroethology tradition here at Cornell and the new job searches we are having and the current trajectory of systems neuroscience and the use of model ogranisms (C. elegans, Drosophila, mice, and zebrafish). Dr. Bill Kristan presented these lectures at the MBL at Woods Hole during the Neural Systems and Behavior course this past summer. As somebody who started in neuroscience working on overt behavioral processes (pheromone-dependent aggregation in bark beetles and crawling behavior in leeches) as an undergrad and then switched to more traditional systems neurophysiology questions (rodent olfactory learning and network physiology), I've always felt that I've straddled this intellectual divide.
Part I: Systems Neurophysiology
Part II: Neuroethology

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