Monday, September 12, 2011

Philosophy writing done right

Philosophy Bro, "reviews" David K. Lewis's book, On the Plurality of Worlds:
I happen to believe in a bunch of things. No, I can't prove their existence. But think of all the shit that you believe in without proof - 'redness'? 'Propositions'? Possible, imaginary worlds where, somehow as if by magic, Socrates isn't an ugly motherfucker? Even sets seem questionable - how could there be some universal object that contains all and only the odd numbers? But sets are useful as fuck, so we deal with them. Well, I say if you're going to make shit up, GO BIG OR GO HOME, bitches. If you think it's too crazy, whatever bro - not everyone is worthy. But don't come in my house, kick my dog, and tell me you have a simpler solution that you just made up where everything magically makes sense because your hand-waving said so. Mind tricks do not work on me, only ontologies.

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